Happy National Bean Day!

Our leftovers from last night are helping with celebrating National Bean Day.

Yesterday I made Chili in the crockpot and Quinoa Black Bean Soup (aka My No-Nightshade Chili) for dinner. Along with some corn bread.

I have started buying dried beans and making them in my pressure cooker. For the black beans for the quinoa soup I put about 2 cups of beans in the pressure cooker and covered them with water about two inches above the beans. I then cooked them for 25 minutes on high pressure. I let it depressurize for 30 minutes then spooned then out into mason jars and covered them with the cooking liquid.

Making the Chili helped me check one thing off my January 2019 Wish List. And the rest of the black beans will be made into brownies!


Sweet Potatoes are not a Nightshade

Avoiding nightshades is hard.  I’m constantly saying “I can’t eat that.”  In the winter it is nice to have something hearty and warm.   I currently think one of the easiest ways to make sweet potatoes is in the crockpot.  I wrap them in foil.  No wholes poked in them. No oil.  Just the sweet potatoes wrapped in foil.  I put them in the crockpot on low for 8 hours.

When the 8 hours are up I take them out.  Leave them in the foil and allow them to cool.  I store them in the refrigerator.  When I want one, I unwrap, split in half and heat it up in the microwave.


Oatmeal in the Crock-Pot – What’s for Breakfast?

January is National Oatmeal Month.  I love oatmeal,  I eat it ll year round.  I just recently started making it in the crock-pot so I only need to make it once a week.  I store the cooked oatmeal in the refrigerator and heat it up a serving at a time in the microwave.  I’ve been having my oatmeal in the morning with SoDelicious Coconut Milk Eggnog on top.  I also like to top oatmeal with brown sugar.  I am pretty much a purist when it comes to oatmeal.  Maybe one of this years goals will be to try new oatmeal toppings.  What is your favorite topping for oatmeal?



Oatmeal in the Crock-Pot

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print



  • 2 cups Gluten-Free Steel Cut Oats
  • 6 cups Water


  1. Place oatmeal and water in crock-pot, set on low for the night.
  2. If you would prefer to add some sweetener feel free to add a half cup of brown sugar or other sweetener.
  3. In the morning give the oatmeal a stir and transfer to a container to keep in the refrigerator for the week.

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