Great article about food allergy anxiety.

“It’s about the looming threat of positive experiences being ruined for you and those around you if you have a reaction. It’s about having to interrupt every food-related experience with probing questions about food ingredients and preparation.”

There is so much to worry about when you or your child has a food allergy.



I will not eat the last Madeleines… I will not eat the last Madeleines… I will not eat the last Madeleines…

I made a double batch of Madeleines they barely lasted 24 hours.

Tomorrow I’m making chocolate chip cookies!

And hopefully ding song ditching some zucchini!

2018 Goals

I’ve always been a goal and list person.  Part of my business goals for this year is to finish some certificate work.  Today I’m back at the library working on my NAPO Workplace Productivity Certificate courses.

My life works better with my Passion Planner, a small notebook (I remember things better when I write them down), and a pencil bag full of colored pens.  A snack and drink help too.

I try to break up my time and change where I am listening/watching the coarse.  Also being in an area where I can stand up often helps me stay focused.

My break is up.  Back to being productive!



Cygnet Tuesday (Week of May 21, 2018)

The end of May always is full of endings and beginnings.  So many of the school year activities are ending while summer activities are beginning.  The schedule seems to be topsy-turvy very day with extra events and tasks.  Keeping my online calendar up to date and making lists help me keep things going smoothly.

What I’m cooking…..

I’m cooking things that are fast and easy.  We’ve been having a lot of bone broth with noodles and fast breakfast food.  All the extra events and long nights mean you need an immune boost, be sure to be taking your vitamins and supplements and a lunch or dinner of bone broth will help.

What I’m organizing….

Chicago weather, one day it’s the hight of summer and the next we are back to fall.  I’m putting all our winter outerwear in bins and donating anything that is too small.  Now if I could find all the PAIRS of gloves.

In the garden…..

I’ve been spending time weeding, and hauling compost and mulch to the garden.  I have a few areas ready to plant and bought some seedlings and seeds.  I hope to get them in the ground soon.  I bought more of my favorites lemon balm and lovage!

Have a great week everyone!




Cygnet Tuesday (Week of May 14, 2018)

What I’m listening to in the car…..

This week I’m listening to Brené  Brown’s Daring Greatly.

What an amazing book.  Many with clutter issues have shame and blame and should’s about their situation.  The same goes for those with food allergies.  Letting go of the shame and blame helps put you on a path to healing and living a happier healthier life.


What is blooming in the garden…..

There are hues of purple everywhere.  I have Lilacs and vViolets and my Red Bud tree is an amazing iridescent pink.

I’ve used lovage in tuna salad and am almost ready to plant this years crops.


What is going on at Cygnet…..

I truly enjoyed my first NAPO conference (retreat) a few weeks ago.  I am currently using most of my spare time to finish the course work to get the NAPO Certificates.


What I’m cooking……

One of my goals for this year is to become a better bread baker (gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, nightshade-free).  I made yeast rolls over the weekend and they were not too bad.  A little too dense to call a success but a great start.


Productivity tip of the week…..

Use the reminders on your phone!  I always put in things I don’t want to forget and have it pop up at least half an hour before I need to be at the event/need the item.  I’ve been known to set them weeks in advance.