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Susan Bailey is a Certified Allercoach (TM), former Analytical Chemist, food allergy sufferer, food allergy parent, and loves an organized life.  She has found that using productivity tools and organizing systems give you the opportunity to utilize your time in food preparation and with family. Food allergies take up time and energy.  They are scary for kids and adults.  She can help with meal planning, ingredient information, what to look for in stores, and how to organize your kitchen in order to limit cross contamination.  She can also help with household management, travel and school/work accomidations.

Susan is a member of NAPO and currently serves as the NAPO Chicago Director of membership.  As a professional organizer she has an affinity to helping people find their productivity flow and decluttering their life.

At Cygnet Organizing we understand living life with allergies.  Let us help you find flow in your new lifestyle.


Disclaimer –Although Cygnet Organizing LLC is certified in coaching for food allergy management consulting for individuals, they are not registered physicians, psychologist, dietitians or legal professionals. We cannot guarantee allergic reactions will not happen, as new allergies can come on at any time. We do our very best to educate clients on the highest level of safety but it is up to each client to take appropriate action in their personal lives.