Plan for Thanksgiving 2019 Part 1 (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Peanut-Free, Tree Nut-Free, Soy Protein-Free and Nightshade-Free Holiday Meal Planning)


Thanksgiving is late this year.  This would usually be the week that I start cooking, baking and purchasing a fresh turkey. But I have one more week!

In may of the gluten-free face book groups people have been looking for holiday recipes so I have been sharing my green bean casserole recipe .

I am making my usual holiday menu.  With lots of extra for leftovers for the weekend and for the freezer.

There are lots of questions about stuffing.  I have been to Trader Joes and Aldi.  Both of their boxed stuffing mixes contain milk so I will not be using them but I do think they are a great option for those new to the gluten-free lifestyle.

Aldi Live G Free Stuffing 2109
Aldi Stuffing 2019
Trader Joes Gluten-Free Stuffing Mix 2019
Trader Joes 2019
Trader Joes Gluten-Free Stuffing Mix 2019 Ingredients
Trader Joes 2019 Stuffing Ingredients

I use an old stuffing recipe and sub my favorite gluten-free bread.  I’ve always used untoasted bread, torn into bite size pieces.  Last year I used Walmarts gluten-free bread and will use it again this year.  I made garlic bread with Canyon Bakehouse’s Mountain White last night and have some left over.  I may make a small batch of stuffing with this as the base if I have some extra time today or tomorrow. To see if it makes a better stuffing base.

Today I am making a batch of Chicken Bone Broth – in the Pressure Cooker.  I made lots of chicken wings the other day so I would have plenty for a batch of broth to help get me through making all the sides for Thanksgiving.

My menu includes a salad, corn casserole, a big turkey, roasted brussels sprouts, cranberry fluff, and a chocolate pie dessert that I make with Daiya Cream Cheese (contains nightshades) for my kids.  On my list of 100 things for 2020 includes making my own dairy-free cream cheese that is nightshade free.

How are you preparing for Thanksgiving? What is on your menu?


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