Genetic Testing – The long awaited answer. 

My daughter and I finally had genetic testing for Celiac Disease.  I knew what the results would say.  They would say, “you did what was right, you are not depriving you and your child from a normal life, this is your normal.”

We had taken gluten out of our diets years ago.  I wasn’t sure at the time if it was Celiac, or sensitivity, or intolerance, or allergy.  It was the next food to eliminate. Giving up gluten was easier than the shock of giving up dairy 6 months before.  

Anytime I talked to someone about our diet they would ask about a diagnosis.  I would explain, we are not going back to eating gluten to get testing done, it is not worth it.  We would go to gluten-free meet-ups and people who were newly diagnosed would treat me like I was playing at having an issue, although as we talked I was stricter at being gluten-free than they were.  

Gluten-free is our lifestyle, along with dairy-free, soy protein-free, tree nut and peanut-free, along with the myriad of random foods I avoid.  Our life revolves around food.  It’s preparation, where we can safely eat, how many stores I will need to go to this week to find everything on my grocery list.  

Oh, the tests.  Positive.  My daughter has both genes, I have one.  Now to get the boys tested.  

Lots of gluten-free love, SB


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