Why are you an Organizer?

I am often asked “Why are you an Organizer?”  The answer is “I love it!”  I love to help people par down to just the things they love.  Helping make room in their lives for fresh new energy makes me smile every time.

People often think an organizer is there to “take over” and “make the decisions”.   This is not true.  The client lays out the view, the purpose, and makes the decisions.  An Organizer is there to keep the person on track, know when to take a break, and ask hard questions that most of us would leave for another day.

People also think “Since you are an Organizer, your house must be spotless.”  This, for me, could not be further from the truth.  I live with three others who do not have my love of organizing.  And since they all have rebel tendencies (thank you Gretchen Rubin), my suggestions and plans are often thwarted.  This has been a hard lesson for me. We are a busy  family, and I know one day my house will be very clean and organized.  Not today, we have lots of homework to do, dinner to make, and multiple instruments to practice.  And I can not forget a few loads of laundry.



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