19 For COVID-19

My 19 For COVID-19

Yesterday I talked about Gretchen Rubin’s Happier Podcast.  I though some last night and started my “19 for COVID-19”.

You can use this PDF to print your list.

19 For COVID-19

Here is my list so far,

  1. Yogurt in the pressure cooker
  2. Sourdough starter
  3. Spend time with Turtle
  4. Start garden
  5. Finish filing project
  6. Declutter holiday tubs
  7. Clean out kids cubbies
  8. FaceTime someone daily
  9. Bake something every other day
  10. Take online writing class
  11. Walk 12K steps a day
  12. Run a mile under 14:30
  13. Eat salad everyday
  14. Write Thank You’s
  15. Pickle red onions
  16. Make paté
  17. Practice cake decorating
  18. Eat food from freezer
  19. ……..still thinking

What is on your 19 list?


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