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Going Gluten -Free “What Do I Need To Avoid?”

I know when I first went gluten-free it was hard.  Reading ingredients is time consuming, making lifestyle and food changes was overwhelming.  Fast forward ten years and I’m so happy I made the changes in my diet and lifestyle. Knowing how sick gluten and some of the other things I was eating (Milk, Nightshades, Tea and a few others) make me it is now easier to live without them.

There are so many questions when going gluten-free.

I think the first is what do I need to avoid?

Start looking at the ingredients in your food….

The following are ingredients you should avoid on a gluten-free diet: Wheat, Rye, Barley, Tritical, Malt, Brewers Yeast, and Wheat Starch.

Sometimes in the ingredient list the “wheat” ingredient is in bold or has wheat in parenthesis after the ingredient. Such as flour (wheat). Sometimes after all of the ingredients there will be a Contains or May Contain statement. Even if a product has a Contain/May Contain statement always look through the entire ingredient list.

Remember to check personal care products, vitamins, and medication.

The following PDF can be printed to help you shop when you are starting on your gluten-free diet.

Cygnet Organizing LLC Ingredients to Avoid -Gluten

I started Cygnet Organizing to help those diagnosed with food allergies, Celiac and other food avoidance diagnoses find flow in their new lifestyle. As someone with Celiac and multiple food allergies, and a mom fo someone with Celiac and life-threatening food allergies, I know the overwhelm and defeat you can feel moving through everyday life. From finding what to eat, accommodations at work and school, recreating cherished recipes, time management and productivity around food preparation, and other concerns when transitioning to your new medically diagnosed diet, Cygnet Organizing can be there to help you find confidence in your everyday.



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