I love to read.  Trips to the library are weekly if not a few times a week.  I have tried to pare down my magazine subscriptions, but I still get some in the mail each week.  When I’m done I take them to the magazine exchange at our library. Magazine Exchange It is one of my favorite donate drop-offs.  It could be my favorite since I am accomplishing two things off my list in the same place!  Some weeks it’s hard not to take  a magazine or two, but if I do take some I tell myself it needs to come back the next week.  I picked up quit a few magazines from the magazine exchange around the first of the year when I was putting together my vision board for this year.  I had to check back a few times before the right travel magazine was there for pictures of places I wanted to visit this year.exchangeDoes your library have a magazine exchange? – Susan



In September and October NAPO is having a challenge to help people see what can be donated.  It also helps highlight the many opportunities and places there are to donate your items.

My donation secret is…. paper bags.  I try to use reusable bags every time I shop, but there is one exception.  At least once a month I ask for paper bags.  I use these for our donations.  I usually have at least three around the house filling up with clothes that have stains, the pan that is only a few months old that now has too many scratches, and the water bottle that is now the “unfavorite” color.  Sometimes finding a container for your donations is half the battle.

I just dropped off 5  paper bags at Savers last week, of course forgetting to take a picture.

Happy donating! SB


We mostly where second hand clothes, but sometimes we have clothing items that are still in great shape.  I like to send them to  Swap.com to be sold.  They take the pictures, you set the prices, they do all the interaction with the buyer and handle the shipping. They will even send a box or bag to […]