Cygnet Tuesday (Week of May 21, 2018)

The end of May always is full of endings and beginnings.  So many of the school year activities are ending while summer activities are beginning.  The schedule seems to be topsy-turvy very day with extra events and tasks.  Keeping my online calendar up to date and making lists help me keep things going smoothly.

What I’m cooking…..

I’m cooking things that are fast and easy.  We’ve been having a lot of bone broth with noodles and fast breakfast food.  All the extra events and long nights mean you need an immune boost, be sure to be taking your vitamins and supplements and a lunch or dinner of bone broth will help.

What I’m organizing….

Chicago weather, one day it’s the hight of summer and the next we are back to fall.  I’m putting all our winter outerwear in bins and donating anything that is too small.  Now if I could find all the PAIRS of gloves.

In the garden…..

I’ve been spending time weeding, and hauling compost and mulch to the garden.  I have a few areas ready to plant and bought some seedlings and seeds.  I hope to get them in the ground soon.  I bought more of my favorites lemon balm and lovage!

Have a great week everyone!





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